In order to sell a home in today's market the price not only needs to be competitive, but the property must outshine the competition, both in person and online. Otherwise, potential buyers continue to look, and a sale opportunity is lost. As the housing market in the Greater Phoenix Area continues to improve, competition among both sellers and buyers remains high.

To sell quickly and at the highest possible price wise sellers work hard to highlight the assets and advantages of their properties.  However, many sellers overlook the value a coordinated and coherent interior brings to a home, and the impression it leaves with potential buyers. Professionally staging your home with Agave Home Stagers, LLC will give you the edge you need to sell your home faster and for the highest price possible.

The majority of staged homes remain on the market for a month or less, while non-staged homes often spend 160 days or more on the market before finding a buyer. Homes that are staged sell faster in a slow market, and sell for more in a hot market. Staging is the opportunity to create impressionable snapshots each time a buyer enters a room. It is important to remember that staging is for maximum visual impact, not for functional use or practicality, and does not require a seller to cease living at their property. Staging is not just about redesigning an interior, but effectively presenting the unique selling points your home already possesses. Often, seemingly minor additions like accent towels in a bathroom, or a new rug in a hallway, can be as effective as a new furniture set or coat of paint.

Utilizing many years of education and experience with both interior design and real estate sales in the Phoenix area, Agave Home Stagers, LLC knows what it takes to stage your property in the most efficient manner to create the best possible impression with potential buyers.




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